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Bachelor of Science in Early Care and 教育 (Birth-Grade 2)

教育 for the Earliest Minds

The Bachelor of Science in Early Care and 教育 (Birth-Grade 2), one of Wilmington University's four undergraduate teacher preparation programs, combines educational theory and classroom practice into specialized coursework that satisfies the Delaware Department of 教育's content knowledge requirements and qualifies our students to seek state certification to work in Delaware's public-school-based early-learning centers which require a Delaware teaching license. This degree will allow you to teach children from birth through grade 2.

Explore Early Childhood 教育 at Delaware's Teaching College

pp电子's graduates bring excellence in education to classrooms throughout Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region. 3人以上,500 of the state's teachers earned their bachelor's or master's degrees at pp电子, including 10 of the last 13 Teachers of the Year chosen by Delaware's Department of 教育. In addition, about half of Delaware's principals and assistant principals have studied at pp电子.

Year-Long Residency Option Leads to Excellence in Teacher Preparedness

pp电子’s immersive Year-Long Residency student teaching option offers an alternative to the traditional 80-day student teaching model and yields outstanding results. Candidates who complete the program are in high demand and have secured excellent teaching positions in Delaware and in high-quality schools across the country.

Learn How to Teach From Experienced Educators

学院 教育 students develop their skills through comprehensive coursework taught by faculty members with real experience in the practice of teaching K-to-12 students and in the challenges that educators face in today's public schools. 学院 教育 graduates, 一旦录用,, are rated by their principals and supervisors as uniquely prepared to design and lead effective learning experiences to diverse student populations.

The Bachelor's in Becoming a Teacher program at Wilmington University is CAEP Accredited The 学院 教育 is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

Finish your degree faster by transferring credits.
40 课程 126 总学分

$1,227 每一个课程

Cost of a typical 3-credit undergraduate degree course.
Wilmington University tuition is based on cost-per-credit.
You only pay for the 课程 you need to complete your teaching degree.


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pp电子 COELA graduates are consistently recognized as education leaders.

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pp电子 Teacher Preparedness Statistics

Our teaching graduates agree: They're ready for a career in the classroom. 了解更多关于 职业生涯资源.

96% of graduates indicate their teacher preparation program prepared them to design instruction/learning experiences that account for individual differences in abilities and backgrounds.

92% of graduates indicate their teacher preparation program prepared them to ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment all students.

91% of graduates indicate their teacher preparation program prepared them to use content knowledge to design, select, or modify formative and summative assessments, which are aligned with instructional goals and provide information about student progress on those goals.


According to the National 教育 Association, teachers in Delaware earn:*

$60,214 平均工资

$41,639 average starting salary

Teacher salaries by state can be found 在这里. Applicants for positions in Delaware should visit Join Delaware Schools. To apply for positions outside of Delaware, applicants should visit the State Department of 教育.

*Salary schedules vary by school and district because they include both state and local school district funds.

This program shows you the reality of being a teacher and provides opportunities to focus on areas for improvement. I had time to hone my craft and received great support t在这里. This was an amazing journey. ——莎伦·基恩
Becoming a Teacher Sharon Keen Testimonial

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